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Community Service

Design for a Cause

VBHC’s Design Team renders pro bono consulting services to several charitable organizations. Recently, the team, led by Mamta Suresh, designed a model shelter home for an NGO that will accommodate up to 500 children in need of care and protection under the law (as defined by the Juvenile Justice Act – street children, runaways, orphans, rescued child labourers, etc). The Design Team has worked tirelessly to draw up detailed plans that benefits not only one particular NGO, but can be shared with NGOs and State Governments across the country seeking to set up shelter homes for children. They have provided a template of excellence that can be copied and scaled to meet the escalating demands for shelter for the underprivileged in India.


Building Communities - Not Just Homes

A company’s credo defines its place as a corporate citizen. VBHC is that corporate citizen whose credo is aligned with the highest business ethical standards. Delivering the finest quality of life to Indian families is embedded in the company’s culture and vision.


What sets VBHC apart from being simply a legally compliant company is that we have extended our involvement in community building far beyond the scope of our business. From making philanthropic investments, supporting local academic institutions and developing public infrastructure to undertaking corporate sustainability initiatives like waste water recycling, water harvesting, and renewable solar energy sourcing, we have made exceptional advances in bringing a fine quality of life to families not only in VBHC homes but to neighbouring communities as well.”