Sustainable Affordable Housing

Energy efficiency as a concept in India emerged only a decade back. Today buildings use up to 35-40 per cent of energy and it becomes imperative to employ eco-friendly methods for every line of activity.

The Indian Government has come up with numerous energy efficiency initiatives like Green Buildings by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC), Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), star ratings by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, etc.

For employment of green technologies in buildings.

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Landscaped Gardens at VBHC Vaibhava

According to Indian Green Building council (IGBC), India currently has over 2000 registered green building projects and is amongst the top five countries in the world involved in the green building movement. This trend highlights the growth opportunities present in India for Green building projects.

Green buildings utilize less materials, through elimination of unnecessary finished resources and efficient design. Increased comforts, healthier indoor environment quality, lower development costs, lower operating costs, enhanced durability and less maintenance costs. An environment friendly home reduces the operational cost for a home by bringing it down considerably.

At VBHC, we integrate environmental considerations into every stage of project construction and focus on the design, operation and maintenance of all our projects. The major factors taken into account are resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, design and development efficiency, energy and water efficiency and the project’s overall impact on the environment.

An essential characteristic of a green building is its focus on protecting existing ecologies, at VBHC, we too focus on practices preserving the existing ecosystem by implementing environment friendly practices such as form technology, low flow taps, rainwater harvesting, dual plumbing and STP to conserve water, LED lamps, solar heating panels to conserve electricity, segregation of waste (organic and inorganic).

Our homes are constructed in way to allow for ample natural light and ventilation which further reduces electricity consumption. Projects have large landscaped gardens and a lot of greenery. All of which contribute to delivering value homes for customers.

The long run benefits of building Green projects are in lower energy, reduced waste and water costs, lower environmental and emissions costs, lower operational and maintenance costs. Any home buyer should look for a cost effective house to cut down expenses. An environment friendly house is pocket friendly and helps maintaining budget by significantly reducing avoidable expenses.

VBHC maiden project in Bangalore was the first project in Asia to receive the much coveted EDGE (excellence in design for greater efficiencies) certification by the International Finance Corporation, World Bank for its efforts in inculcating green building practices into all facets of operations.

EDGE indicates that VBHC’s resource-efficient design will result in reductions of up to 33% in energy, 39% in water, and 23% in materials’ embodied energy compared to local benchmarks.

To underscore our commitment to green building we are currently in the process of getting all VBHC projects across the country EDGE certified, our sustained emphasis on sustainability will preserve local ecosystems and eventually result in savings for our customers.