Construction Updates on Vaibhav Vasind Hills

Construction at Vaibhav Vasind Hills started in April 2014 with a “Grand Ground Breaking Ceremony” held at project site attended by our existing customers and esteemed guests. Vaibhav-Vasind Hills has 7 G+4 blocks – E1, E2, E3, G1, G2, G3, and F1, and 1 G+3 block H1. Construction of each block can be divided broadly in four stages:

  • Excavation –  Excavation is completed for G3 block.  E3 and E2 blocks excavation will start shortly.
  • Sub-structure (grade slab),
  • Super-structure (ground floor to terrace), and Finishing (water proofing, tiles, kitchen works, lifts, etc.).

Vaibhav Vasind Hills Roads

Road work started in April 2014 and is running at a smooth pace.

Vaibhav Vasind Hills Buildings

Here are the individual Block wise updates:

  • E3 Block (Excavation) – Surveying is completed, Excavation will start shortly.
  • E2 Block (Excavation) – Surveying is completed, Excavation will start shortly.
  • G3 Block (Excavation) – Excavation is completed, Foundation work in progress.

Other Infrastructures

  • Road work – Started in April 2014.
  • Shopping Complex — Foundation work in progress.

Vaibhav Vasind Hills Model Apartments

Fully furnished model apartments are ready and we encourage you to come and visit it and interact with us on-site.

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