Construction Updates on VBHC’s Vaibhav Palghar

Construction at Vaibhav-Palghar project started in early 2013 and has been going at a smooth pace. There were initial delays due to heavier than expected monsoon season; however, now project is getting in progress as per schedule. Vaibhav-Palghar has 8 G+4 blocks – A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, and B1.

Construction of each block can be divided broadly in four stages:

  • Excavation,
  • Sub-structure (grade slab),
  • Super-structure (ground floor to terrace), and Finishing (water proofing, tiles, kitchen works, lifts, etc.).

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We have completed  excavation and Sub-structure (grade slab) on all blocks.  Super-structure is completed for A1, A2, A3, A5, A7, and B1 blocks and is on-going for A4 and A6 blocks.


The main arterial road is completed and is open for vehicular traffic movements. Internal road work was scheduled to be completed by end of June. However, due to heavy monsoon season, there has been some delay in completing the internal road as per plan. We plan to complete the internal road networks by end of May 2014.


There has been steady progress in getting the sub-structure and super-structure work in place for all the blocks. Here are the individual Block wise updates:

  1. A1 Block (Superstructure) – Fourth floor completed, finishing works in progress.
  2. A2 Block (Substructure) – Fourth floor completed, finishing work in progress.
  3. A3 Block (Finishing) – Fourth floor completed. Finishing works in progress.
  4. A4 Block (Substructure) – Fourth floor in progress.
  5. A5 Block (Superstructure) – Fourth floor completed, finishing works in progress.
  6. A6 Block (Substructure) – Second floor in progress.
  7. A7 Block (Superstructure) – Fourth floor completed, finishing works in progress.
  8. B1 Block (Superstructure) – Fourth floor complete, finishing works in progress.

VBHC Palghar Other Infrastructures

  1. Internal road work – Nearing completion.
  2. Main Road – Completed.
  3. UG Sump – Construction of structure completed and internal fitting work in progress.
  4. STP – Construction of structure is in progress

VBHC Palghar Model Apartments

Fully furnished model apartments are ready and we encourage you to come and visit it and interact with us on-site.

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