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VBHC NRI Home Buyer’s Guide

Buying a home in India must be a happy occasion in the life of every NRI. That’s the credo by which we at VBHC Value Homes Pvt. Ltd., live by and we have taken several measures to ensure the same. We maintain complete transparency in all our dealings with customers, every legal document pertaining to the buying process is made available for customer vetting and review. Our homes adhere to the highest standards of quality and are delivered on time enabled by our cast-in-place technology. And we go a step ahead with assisting customers through the buying process.

For our NRI customers we provide the following:

Representative office in Dubai

  • We have our own RERA recognized office in Dubai
  • This fully-staffed office services clients throughout the Middle East
  • We also have dedicated representatives to ease you through the buying process
  • You can call our number on all working days
  • You can also reach out directly to
    Maneesh Bhatt
    Head Overseas Sales – Sales
    Phone: +971 5882 29670
    Email: Maneesh.Bhatt@vbhc.com

Home Loan Assistance

  • Majority of leading financial institutions in India provide a seamless home loan assistance to you in our properties.
  • HDFC is our investor-partner
  • We also offer end-to-end assistance with home loan processing
  • We provide assistance for registering the property
  • As well as assist with finding a suitable tenant, if requested
  • And the whole buying process is made hassle-free